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How Mark Parker Keeps Nike in the Lead

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MARK PARKER, CEO and president of Nike, thinks in sneakers. Not just of sneakers, or about sneakers—when he thinks, he actually sees sneakers. He’ll be out to dinner with his wife, Kathy Mills Parker, a former world record holder in the 5,000 meters, and will be listening to her describe her day and what their three grown children are up to, but what he’ll be doing is drawing sneakers on the tablecloth. “My wife will go, ‘You know, you’re drawing a shoe right now,’ ” Parker says. “I do that all the time.”

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Keeping the Modern Fan Experience Current

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Stadiums and arenas are in a race to keep up with the modern, connected fan. Barclays Center CMO, Elisa Padilla, talks with Adweek about their approach.

“Everything we do surrounds enhancing the guest experience. We understand that mobile and what used to be the third screen is now the first screen. No one leaves their home without their mobile phone,” Padilla said before explaining that fans are greeted with a push notification alerting them of free WiFi upon entering Barclays Center.

“We’re in a society where we’re connected 24/7. If we didn’t offer free WiFi, it would be awful; it would be an awful guest experience. We know how consumers are behaving,” Padilla said. “It’s our job, as marketers, to anticipate those needs of our customers.”

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