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How a Masterful Plan and Frenetic Marketing Campaign Made the Mariners’ Jean Segura an All-Star

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Greene, the Seattle Mariners’ senior director of marketing, and the entire organization had waited for a call like this since 2002. Seattle was the only major league franchise that had never had a player chosen to be part of the All-Star Game’s Final Vote, in which five players in each league compete in a fan vote for the game’s last roster spot.

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How the Miami Dolphins Became the NFL’s Leader in Digital Strategy

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In 2016, the NFL’s Miami Dolphins decided to completely overhaul their content strategy. In the 2 years since making such decision, the Dolphins have experienced a 250% increase in digital revenue, they’ve become the #1 NFL franchise in video views and seen 30% of new tickets revenue coming from Facebook lead generation.

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Keeping the Modern Fan Experience Current

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Stadiums and arenas are in a race to keep up with the modern, connected fan. Barclays Center CMO, Elisa Padilla, talks with Adweek about their approach.

“Everything we do surrounds enhancing the guest experience. We understand that mobile and what used to be the third screen is now the first screen. No one leaves their home without their mobile phone,” Padilla said before explaining that fans are greeted with a push notification alerting them of free WiFi upon entering Barclays Center.

“We’re in a society where we’re connected 24/7. If we didn’t offer free WiFi, it would be awful; it would be an awful guest experience. We know how consumers are behaving,” Padilla said. “It’s our job, as marketers, to anticipate those needs of our customers.”

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So, You Want to Work in Sports…

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Working in sports isn’t just a free ticket on your social events calendar. It takes a lot of passion for your craft and a commitment to your organization.

Jessica Smith of Sport n Social got great feedback from 25+ industry professionals on working in sports and how to get your start.

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NY Mets Up Their Digital Revenue

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New tech adoptions for the New York Mets prove to be lucrative.

A series of three LED “ribbon” panels placed along left field where static signs once were has generated 300% more revenue than the fixed ad images seen there last season.

In addition to adopting beacon technology, the Mets approach is to get potential partners to see them as more digital. A persona they feel will only continue to yield greater revenue and increase their sponsorship reach.

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