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How Did WWE Become a ‘Most Valuable Sports Brand’?

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Pro wrestling in the 60s and 70s was a lot like the carnival business: A few performers made decent money, and a few promotions made decent money… but it definitely wasn’t big business. If one end of the spectrum was Coca-Cola, professional wrestling was a ratty guy in the parking lot selling RC Cola out of a cooler.

And then along came Vince McMahon and what is now WWE.

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Derek Jeter’s Storytelling Revolution

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In 2014, Derek Jeter, the most famous baseball player in the world, decided to leave the game and start a media business, all thanks to the least likely of inspirations: tennis. “I read Andre Agassi’s memoir, ‘Open,’ and found it interesting,” he says. “I had no idea of the issues he had gone through. It humanized him for me. And I thought every athlete had these kinds of stories to tell. They just need a trusted place to share them.”

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As Golden Knights Soar, Las Vegas Stakes Its Claim as a Sports Town

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While hockey is certainly the central focus of game nights, the Knights have added a medieval motif, sometimes comically. The Zambonis that drive on the ice have jousts mounted on their sides to simulate a duel. The arena includes a 24-foot knight’s helmet and three castle structures, including one for cheerleaders with pompoms. Catapults are used to launch T-shirts into the crowd.

“We wanted to focus on Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world,” Bubolz said.

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